I got my attic converted in 2006, and it works really well as a haven for recording. The acoustics are great; it’s half-carpet & half wooden flooring, with wooden ceilings. In addition to my main recording equipment (listed below), it’s also nicely equipped for a rehearsal or a jam; I have a 1000w H&H PA system for amplifying my keyboard (M-Audio ProKeys 88), V-drums (Roland TD-6V) & microphones (Shure SM58 & SM57, SE 2200EII vocal mic). When jamming, I use a Marshall MG50DFX for guitar (with foot switch) and a Gallien-Krueger Backline 115 for bass.

I always wanted a studio/jam room like the one from the GNR ‘Patience’ video. It looks like somewhere I could spend hours just chilling; set up & ready to record on a whim, and just relax with some beers & smokes. Good times…

Fender Stratocaster USA Deluxe
Ibanez J-Custom Prestige
Aria Pro II XX Deluxe Flying V

My main guitar is the Strat – it’s great for everything. I’ll always use it for rhythm guitars; clean tone and distortion. I’ll use the Ibanez for any solos that require any tremolo work or greater sustain, or just for a more ‘metal’ sound if required for a certain riff. I don’t really use my Flying V anymore, but I did get new pick-ups and electrics for it in 2008, to give it a new lease of life.

Musicman Stingray
Fender Squire Jazz 5-string

Roland TD-6V, with extra crash, double bass-drum pedal, and cowbell.

Sounds & Effects:

Guitars: Line 6 POD XT; “Master of Puppets” distortion. “Jazz Clean” clean-tone.

Bass: Direct input into M-Audio Fast Track, with Guitar Rig Amplifier Presets

Drums: Superior Drummer 2.0 interface, Drumkit from Hell kit, EQ tweaked for heavier snare & bass drum.

Recording: Pro Tools HD 10 with M-Audio Fast Track

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